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SPSS Download (Windows & Macintosh)


You can start the process of getting a personal copy of SPSS 23 (or SPSS 24 for Macs with Sierra) below,


If you have a broadband connection you should be able to complete the download. BE WARNED - the file size is very large.


If you are in the University on a desktop computer (not on the wireless network) you should see 'University Network detected' in the form below. That means you can fill in the form straight away,


If you are working from outside the University or using your own laptop before filling in this form below you must-


click here to enter your UH username and password -


after doing that you will come back to this page and it should say 'University Network detected' and be able to fill in the form (best browsers to use for this are Internet Explorer & Firefox)


After you complete & submit this form
you will have the choice to download straight away or receive an email with a link to download
the SPSS software.


If you don't agree to the terms and condtions you can't get the software.



First Name
Family Name
Email address
UH user name

I agree to the terms and conditions (read here)


University network address not detected. To generate a link please connect from a University machine or by using the University of Hertfordshire's VPN site.



(as an alternative, Windows users can also get SPSS on your computer by installing SPSS using the 'Cloud Paging' facility. However, to use SPSS installed with this method your computer must either be IN the university or connected via VPN in order for the software to work)



School of Life and Medical Sciences

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Course subject areas

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Postgraduate medicine

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Department of Pharmacy

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Department of Psychology

Join one of the largest departments of Psychology in England. We have an excellent reputation for both quality and range of teaching and research....

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Health and Human Sciences Research Institute (HHSRI)

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    Undergraduate open day

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